EUNIDA was established in 2000 as a grouping of EU Member State implementing agencies with a public mandate to develop, manage and implement sustainable development programmes on behalf of the European Union.

The purpose of the network is

  • promoting the exchange of information between EU implementing agencies,
  • devising common strategies in the field of international development activities, especially on behalf of the European Union; and
  • implementing programmes and projects of the highest quality on behalf of the European Union.

Implementing projects through EUNIDA means delegating activities to a pan- European grouping of Member State agencies rather than to single Member State organisations. The network carries out innovative and complex technical cooperation and post-conflict programmes, with combined resources and expertise of over 250 Members' offices operating in 118 countries and based on over 40 years of experience in the field.


EUNIDA transcends national identity combining the capacities and actions of Member State agencies and providing a European dimension to all its interventions around the world. EUNIDA enhances the visibility of European develoment co-operation.


As agencies with a public service mission, EUNIDA members abide by high standards of financial transparency making EUNIDA a financially reliable contracting partner of the European Commission for the implementation of development cooperation programmes.


EUNIDA's European approach is in line with the Paris Declaration and contributes to development effectiveness by operationalizing the division of labour and the harmonization of practices, and by providing a coordination platform in the field of EU Member States and the European Commission.

As a group of experienced national agencies working as one, EUNIDA has access to and can mobilize high level public and private experts at short notice, enabling it to be a reliable and efficient partner, not only in emergency and post-crisis situations.